In May 2019, Oregon’s governor signed into law the Student Success Act, a historic commitment to education, projected to generate approximately $1 billion in additional funds each year to support student learning across the state. 

Before this law was created, a large team of Oregon legislators spent many months visiting school districts all across the state and listening to thousands of people involved with schools. From this, they established four areas where school districts may invest Student Success Act funds:

– Expanding students’ access to well-rounded learning experiences;
– Addressing students’ health and safety needs;
– Reducing class size;
– Increasing instructional time.


Redmond School District Updates

Student Success Act Investment Account Grant Agreement (11/2020)
Student Success Act Investment Overview Update  (10/2020)
To provide citizen comment, please email info@redmondschools.org.
Student Investment Account Application (3/2020)
Approved by RSD Board of Directors on March 18, 2020
Supporting Documents