Our commitment to these beliefs and values guides all that we do, bonds the entire district together in a shared mission, and transcends both time and individuals. People may come and go; time may pass; our core values remain the same.

We believe that we have the duty to foster the complete growth and development of each student’s personal and academic potential. We, therefore, are committed to:

  • Individualized opportunities that respond to the uniqueness of our learners,
  • Rigorous academic standards that ask for the best that each student can offer, and
  • Solid preparation for the appropriate next steps that will bring our students eventual success in a global economy.

We believe that every employee of the district plays a vital role in the growth and development of our students. We, therefore, are committed to:

  • Effective policies for selecting and developing all our employees,
  • Collaborative processes that invite all persons to contribute to the district’s success,
  • A district-wide climate of respect and appreciation for all efforts staff members make to improve their skills and abilities for the sake of our students’ growth, and
  • The use of research in our quest for identifying best practices.

We believe our schools must be warm, welcoming, and safe. We, therefore, are committed to:

  • High behavioral, academic, and professional expectations,
  • Fair and reasonable consequences, and
  • Patient and respectful support and encouragement.
  • These factors together hold all stakeholders accountable for a positive school climate.
  • We believe in promoting a culture of learning within our schools.

We, therefore, are committed to:

  • Nurturing a full deep-level understanding of all that we teach,
  • Valuing continuous improvement toward the mastery of what we teach, and
  • Assessing students in relevant, real-world, authentic ways, so they come to believe absolutely that school and education does matter.
  • We believe that schools belong to the community and that we must work to build solid bonds with all stakeholders.

We, therefore, are committed to:

  • Fostering effective and respectful communication networks with all our stakeholders,
  • Involving stakeholders in critical decisions that impact district-wide direction,
  • Clarifying the reasons (beliefs and values) that guide decisions that are made, and
  • Valuing the differences among our stakeholders, in effect, embracing those differences to help our district become more diverse and more respectful of all who live within its boundaries.

And lastly, we believe that by making these beliefs and values real in our actions, we can fulfill our mission to nurture the complete growth of every student we have the privilege to serve.