reading in libraryThe Redmond School District has earned a well-deserved reputation for strong schools that offer a wide range of opportunities for students. It is our goal that all graduates have the knowledge and skills of highly literate students; students who are work-ready and/or college-ready and have the tools necessary to be successful participants in the 21st century workplace.

Mission: Ensure a rigorous and relevant education that develops productive citizens for a local and global community

How do these words come to life and become our culture?

  • Care about every child as if they were your own
  • Ensure every child makes the gains necessary each year to close all achievement gaps by graduation
  • Focus on the needs of students not the subject matter – one size does not fit all (flexibility and choice)
  • Provide a learning environment where every child feels safe and respected, regardless of their race, socioeconomic status, religion, culture, etc.
  • Ensure ALL stakeholders feel valued and respected
  • Ensure ALL stakeholders understand their connection to the success of every child
  • Provide frequent and transparent communications with ALL stakeholders
  • Be efficient with our financial resources
  • Strive to exceed our own expectations
  • Always embrace honesty, integrity and accountability (even when it’s tough to hear)

The district draws its 7,000+ students from a 550 square-mile area which includes Redmond and the unique neighboring communities of Alfalfa, Crooked River Ranch, Eagle Crest, Terrebonne and Tumalo – each area holding a strong appeal for families.

This district currently operates five K-5 elementary schools; two K-8 community schools, two middle schools, one charter school, one educational center and two comprehensive high schools.

Our dedication and focus on student success will continue to be the driving force in every decision we make.