RSD Team Member Spotlight: RVHS’s Karin Crouch!


This month’s Team Member Spotlight features…
Karin Crouch, the Dean of Student Success at Ridgeview High School!

Here’s a little more about Karin Crouch.

How long have you been working for RSD and what did you do before coming here?

I have been part of the Redmond School District for 27 years — 15 as an employee and 12 as a student. Currently, I am the Dean of Student Success at Ridgeview, and taught business and math for 6 years at RVHS and 7 years at RHS. My family and I moved to Redmond when I was 3 years old, moving closer to my mother’s family in Culver. After graduating from RHS, I went off to college at Linfield and earned a Business Administration degree. I worked for a publishing company in Beaverton, then an internet commerce design company and Nike as a producer in Image Design. In 2000, my family and I were fortunate to get to move back to Redmond, a great place to raise a family. I then went back to school to get my master’s in teaching.   My husband of 27 years, Fred, and I have three children, all of whom have attended Redmond schools and graduated from Ridgeview. Tanner (‘16), is employed in custom and contract farming and loving every minute of it. Our two other children are now juniors in college — Garrett (‘18) is at Linfield and Gabrielle (‘18) is at Oregon State. I love living and working in Redmond. I believe the Redmond School District provided me a good education and a strong foundation for my life and I wanted that for my own children, and I wanted to work to provide that for others in the Redmond community. 

How has your role changed during the pandemic?

Traditionally, the Dean position within our school has been about student management. When we abruptly had to shut down last spring, the nature of managing students remotely was a whole new program. In the spring, it was about assisting students and families with their technology needs and providing encouragement to them in a new, quarantined world. As we started this school year, it was clear that technology was going to take center stage in delivering content, and it had to work well. Our teachers were on overload and they needed everyday support to help ease their loads. With my background in computer instruction, I jumped at the opportunity to be a resource for teachers and students.

What have you done to help the school run while the pandemic has been going on? 

During the pandemic, I have tried to be a “go-to” person for our staff and students. I helped lead the coordination of our LIPI and worked with teachers, students and parents using Canvas. I have reached beyond what is the traditional role of a Dean of Students and stepped in where my abilities were useful in technology, problem-solving, and building relationships. 

What do you enjoy most or find most rewarding about your role? What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced this year? 

What I enjoy most is problem-solving with a solution that benefits all parties involved — being able to listen to the needs of others and the roadblocks they are experiencing and work to remove them quickly and effectively. I love working with others to find solutions! As many of us could probably agree, my greatest challenge this year has been the constant and rapid changes to our educational landscape, either due to the pandemic guidelines and restrictions or the changes to our social community.   

“Karin is truly the rock of Ridgeview this year. She works tirelessly with teachers, students, and families to streamline our systems so they more effectively support everyone involved. Karin’s caring attitude, diligence and perseverance make us all better!” – Kelly Hicks, RVHS Assistant Principal

“Karin Crouch has stepped up tremendously to support staff, students, and families during the pandemic. She has been the keystone in our efforts to help and guide staff deep in the details of Canvas. Karin has also led our family and student outreach efforts, literally proactively connecting multiple times with hundreds of RVHS families. Her superpowers, which include her incredible work ethic, high level of organization, and her big heart for staff and kids, have shone brightly this year. Many of the RVHS staff have been amazing this year, but Karin’s contributions to the work have risen above us all. We are so grateful to be able to have her serve the students, families, and staff at RVHS. Karin is awesome!” — Lee Loving, RVHS Principal

“Dean Crouch cares so much about our students and about maintaining a culture of excellence here at Ridgeview.” — Randi Davis, RVHS Student Management Secretary